Our story began in 2015 in a garage in Tyler, Texas. Upon that day, a few roommates decided to do what no-one around them was doing; start a company. We had a vague background in design and business, but mix that with a drive and passion for people and relationships, and you just might have something. It definitely has not been a road for the weary, and in late 2017 some operational changes were made. Some of the partner's went different directions, but the brand carried on nonetheless, making quite the rugged escape from a failing brand.  Today, we operate out of Amarillo, Texas, and all designs, media and marketing are still done in-house. It is this approach that sets us apart from other brands. We appreciate the struggle, and are eager to learn in this very fast-paced business. We plan to develop and scale as time allows, and are constantly working to better the needs of the customer. Here at Rugged Cactus, we could want nothing more than customer satisfaction, long-lasting relationships, and new-found adventure. We hope that you always will continue to find this true. 
RC Team, Ethan & Nikki.